“You and I are as continuous with the physical universe as a wave is with the ocean.” - Alan Watts

Have you ever exhaled and watched your breath swirl away in the ocean of air molecules? Sometimes you forget that “space” is actually full of nitrogen, oxygen, pollution, and moisture. It feels like there’s nothing between us and the things outside of us. Ths keyboard, my jeans, this steel water bottle. Everything contained in our universe, if you believe in science, came out of the big bang. If that really is how it all started, then the atoms that make up everything in our universe were created in those first few moments and it’s been expanding ever since. Gravitational forces have been coalescing stardust into the beautiful spiral that is our galaxy and every other unique galaxy for about 14.5 billion years.

What does this mean for us humans?

Well, we originally evolved from tide-pool dwelling, multi-cellular organisms. These organisms were made up of the exact same carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, and phosphorous molecules that make up of the rest of our planet. Those same molecules make up all of the stars, planets, and the interstellar medium in between. It includes everything on the planets, like mountains, glaciers, hurricanes, atmoshperes, and evern life or technology. We evolved to the 24 hour circadian cycle that spins us through our lives because our moon locked phase with us and created waves and tidal zones. On another planet, we could have very different kinds of life. The energy from thermodynamic fusion generated by our sun radiates through space and warms our planet. Our atmosphere protects us from losing our moisture and keeps the heat evenly distributed, even as we rotate away from the sun. Our mountains and ocean absorb the light and the planet warms. What plants can catch, is converted into energy and sugars for other kinds of life to harvest and use as its own biological energy. Our biology has evolved to harvest and take advantage of the energy our daystar puts out. Then we evolved to understand our sense of selves, develop societies, creating technology. If we are bodies, and this life is something I’m experiencing as a being that generates its own consciousness, I’ve got some questions.

  • What happens to it when this body dies?
  • What is death anyway?
  • Are spirits real or are there other ways to account for those stories and experiences?
  • Do other species experience consciousness in the same way? What about aliens?
  • Why does time have a direction?
  • What about energies and is it possible for them to be sent by our minds or even through our hands?
  • Could non-local communication help us understand more about two people feeling sick at the same moment or experiencing pain together without knowing it?

I’m not sure where this world is headed. With global warming and nuclear threats alone, we’ll be lucky to survive the next 50 years. As Carl Sagan said,

“There is no nation on earth today optimized for the middle of the 21st century We face an abundance of subtle and complex problems. We need therefore subtle and complex solutions. Since there is no deductive theory of social organization, our only recourse is scientific experiment.”

I’m going to keep doing what I can while leading a life of passion and enjoying my favorite things like a delicious dessert or the love of a dog. I’m going to keep wondering about life, and consciousness, and how the fabric of our universe continues to weave itself with time. It makes me feel so grateful for everything I have in my life, because I could have been anyone. I had the good fortune to be born to my parents who were able to provide me with a great childhood, and food was always on the table. Not everyone is so lucky and I want to take the fullest advantage of the opportunity i’ve been given. Everyday I try to remain in gratitude so I include 3 things I’m grateful for in my morning routine, after I’ve voiced my affirmations.